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Table 1 Features of At MDL proteins in comparison to Hs MIF and Hs DDT

From: Phylogeny and evolution of plant macrophage migration inhibitory factor/D-dopachrome tautomerase-like proteins

  Hs MIF Hs DDT At5g57170 ( At MDL1) At5g01650 ( At MDL2) At3g51660 ( At MDL3)
Number of amino acids 115 118 115 115 112
Molecular massa 12476 12712 12324 12111 12210
Isoelectric point (pI)a 7.73 6.72 4.96 6.17 8.82
InterProScan domains IPR001398 IPR001398 IPR001398 IPR001398 IPR001398
IPR014347 IPR014347 IPR014347 IPR014347 IPR014347
IPR019829 IPR019829    
Predicted localization signal NESb   NESb   C-terminal PTS1c
  1. afull-length protein based on calculation with ExPASy (; note that in most cases analyzed so far the N-terminal methionine is post-translationally removed by proteolytic processing).
  2. bnuclear export sequence.
  3. cperoxisome targeting sequence 1.