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Table 2 Functional annotations and pathways enriched among acRPB1 dysregulated genes

From: Evolution of lysine acetylation in the RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain

Functional Annotation Number of genes Fold enrichment Raw p-value FDR
Cell adhesion (GO BP) 105 2.0 3.6E-12 6.6E-09
Vasculature development (GO BP) 51 2.1 4.0E-07 7.3E-04
Blood vessel development (GO BP) 50 2.1 4.6E-07 8.3E-04
Focal adhesion (KEGG) 42 2.2 1.1E-06 0.001
ECM-receptor interaction (KEGG) 22 2.8 1.5E-05 0.019
Blood vessel morphogenesis (GO BP) 40 2.1 1.1E-05 0.019