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Table 1 Genes associated with ABA up-regulation within the dormancy coexpression sub-network

From: Genetic variation of transgenerational plasticity of offspring germination in response to salinity stress and the seed transcriptome of Medicago truncatula

A . thaliana genes M . truncatula orthologs Annotation
At5g24670 Medtr8g103020 TRNA Adenosine Deaminase 3; involved in RNA editing
At5g62600 Medtr7g037000 MOS14; Nuclear importer of serine-arginine rich (SR) proteins; involved in the regulation of splicing R genes
At4g35800 Medtr5g023020 NRPB1 DNA-directed RNA polymerase; DNA methylation, gene silencing by RNA, RNA splicing
At2g44200 Medtr2g028200 CBF1-interacting co-repressor; Pre-mRNA splicing factor
At3g54280 Medtr4g034920 RGD3-Root Growth Defective 3; Chromatin remodeling complex
At5g13300 Medtr7g020860 SFC (SCARFACE); involved in response to auxin
At2g38410 Medtr7g072310 VHS domain-containing protein / GAT domain-containing protein; involved in intracellular protein transport
At2g18700 Medtr4g129270 ATTPS11; Arabidopsis thaliana trehalose phosphatase/synthase 11; involved in trehalose biosynthesis
At2g39340 Medtr3g073080 SAC3/GANP family protein