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Table 2 Categorically scored bony characters included in this study

From: Qualitative skeletal correlates of wing shape in extant birds (Aves: Neoaves)

Character LZ06 # Soft tissue attachment Related remiges
Dorsal remigial papillae (drp)a-e 1521 Dorsal 2° remex ligaments
Caudal remigial papillae (crp)a-e 1522 Ventral secondary remex ligaments, Septum humerocarpale
Dorsal phalangeal fossae (dpf)b,d,f 1715 Follicles of 1° VIII-IX 1° VIII-IX (md1°)
Internal index process presence/absence (iip1)f 1721 Interphalango-remigial ligamenth 1° IX-X (md1° - ad1°)
Internal index process shape (iip2)f 1722 Interphalango-remigial ligamenth 1° IX-X (md1° - ad1°)
Flexor process (fp)g 1731 Tendon of flexor digiti minimi 1° I-VI (cm1°)
  1. Characters related to feather attachment have been identified by several sources (noted below). Corresponding characters described in [34] (LZ06#) included as an aggregate reference.
  2. a[20]; b[21]; c[22]; d[23]; e[24]; f[26]; g[35]; h[36].