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Table 1 Caves from which the studied specimens were collected

From: Lack of evolutionary adjustment to ambient temperature in highly specialized cave beetles

Species Cave Lat. Long. Range T current Range T LGM Range T LIG
T. ferreri Cova de Coll Verdaguer, Vallirana 41.393 1.911 13.9-16.2 9.4-11.7 13.9-16.3
T. fonti Cova d’Ormini, Montanisell 42.207 1.226 4.2-10.9 (−0.6)-6.2 4.30-10.9
T. articollis Cova de St Salvador, Bonansa 42.437 0.653 6.9 2.1 7.0
M. infernus Gouffre du Béguet, Juzet d’Izaut 42.987 0.751 8.7-10.1 5.5-6.0 8.8-10.2
  1. Data include geographical coordinates (see Figure 1), range of temperatures in which the species is currently found, estimated range of temperatures of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM; 21,000 YBP), and range of temperatures of the Last Interglacial (LIG; 120,000-140,000 YBP).