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Table 5 Results of multivariate hypothesis test in ouch

From: Impact of the terrestrial-aquatic transition on disparity and rates of evolution in the carnivoran skull

  BM One regime Terrestrial-aquatic Pinniped radiation
Phocomorpha −2155.8 −860.4 −913.3 −1187.3
Otarioidea −2155.8 −828.2 −1192.5 −1157.4
  1. Akaike information criterion (AIC) values for the four hypotheses tested in ouch. Based on data from the top 9 PCs representing 95.2% of variation in the sample. BM, Brownian motion model; One regime, single optimum for all Carnivora; Terrestrial-aquatic, one regime for terrestrial carnivorans, another for pinnipeds plus the otter; Pinniped radiation, one regime for fissipeds, another for pinnipeds. Bold shows best AIC values for the BM hypothesis in all cases.