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Table 1 Species list, sampling and taxonomic assignment

From: Impact of the terrestrial-aquatic transition on disparity and rates of evolution in the carnivoran skull

Group Family Species N
Fissiped Eupleridae Cryptoprocta ferox 1
Fissiped Eupleridae Eupleres goudotii 2
Fissiped Eupleridae Fossa fossana 2
Fissiped Eupleridae Galidia elegans 2
Fissiped Felidae Acinonyx jubatus 2
Fissiped Felidae Felis bengalensis 2
Fissiped Felidae Felis vivverina 2
Fissiped Felidae Lynx rufus 2
Fissiped Herpestidae Cynictis penicillata 1
Fissiped Herpestidae Ichneumia albicauda 1
Fissiped Hyaenidae Crocuta crocuta 2
Fissiped Hyaenidae Proteles cristatus 2
Fissiped Nandinidae Nandinia binotata 2
Fissiped Viverridae Civettictis civetta 2
Fissiped Viverridae Genetta genetta 2
Fissiped Viverridae Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 2
Fissiped Canidae Canis lupus 2
Fissiped Canidae Cerdocyon thous 2
Fissiped Canidae Otocyon megalotis 2
Fissiped Canidae Vulpes vulpes 2
Fissiped Mephitidae Mephitis mephitis 2
Fissiped Mustelidae Enhydra lutris 2
Fissiped Ailuridae Ailurus fulgens 1
Fissiped Mustelidae Gulo gulo 1
Fissiped Mustelidae Martes pennanti 2
Fissiped Mustelidae Meles meles 2
Fissiped Procyonidae Nasua nasua 2
Fissiped Procyonidae Potos flavus 2
Fissiped Procyonidae Procyon cancrivorous 2
Fissiped Procyonidae Procyon lotor 2
Fissiped Ursidae Ailuropoda melanoleuca 2
Fissiped Ursidae Melursus ursinus 1
Fissiped Ursidae Tremarctos ornatus 2
Fissiped Ursidae Ursus americanus 2
Pinniped Desmatophocidae †Allodesmus sp. 1
Pinniped Enaliarctinae †Enaliarctos emlongi 1
Pinniped Odobenidae Odobenus rosmarus 3
Pinniped Odobenidae †Pontolis magnus 1
Pinniped Otariidae Arctocephalus australis 2
Pinniped Otariidae Arctocephalus galapogoensis 1
Pinniped Otariidae Arctocephalus gazella 5
Pinniped Otariidae Arctocephalus philippi 1
Pinniped Otariidae Arctocephalus pussillus 3
Pinniped Otariidae Arctocephalus tropacalis 2
Pinniped Otariidae Callorhinus ursinus 2
Pinniped Otariidae Eumetopias jubatus 3
Pinniped Otariidae Neophoca cinerea 1
Pinniped Otariidae Otaria flavescens 3
Pinniped Otariidae Zalophus californianus 1
Pinniped Phocidae †Acrophoca longirostris 1
Pinniped Phocidae †Piscophoca pacifica 1
Pinniped Phocidae Cystophora cristata 3
Pinniped Phocidae Erignathus barbatus 1
Pinniped Phocidae Halichoerus grypus 5
Pinniped Phocidae Histriophoca fasciata 7
Pinniped Phocidae Hydrurga leptonyx 2
Pinniped Phocidae Leptonychotes weddelli 3
Pinniped Phocidae Lobodon carcinophagus 4
Pinniped Phocidae Mirounga leonina 3
Pinniped Phocidae Monachus monachus 2
Pinniped Phocidae Ommatophoca rossi 2
Pinniped Phocidae Pagophilus groenlandica 1
Pinniped Phocidae Phoca hispida 4
Pinniped Phocidae Phoca largha 4
Pinniped Phocidae Phoca vitulina 2
Pinniped Phocidae Pusa caspica 4
Pinniped Phocidae Pusa sibirica 4
  1. Species means were used in all analyses. Dagger indicates fossil taxa.