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Table 2 Region wide gene-environment relations

From: Environmental variation and rivers govern the structure of chimpanzee genetic diversity in a biodiversity hotspot

Genetic dataset GDM model
Distance only a Environment only b Environment + Distance c Environment + Distance + Rivers
Autosomal Microsatellites (F ST) 4 10 11 13
mtDNA – Pairwise Differences 6 22 - 56
mtDNA – Tamura and Nei 11 32 - 72
  1. aModel includes only geographic distance between sample locations as a predictor variable.
  2. bModel includes environmental data layers as well as resistance matrices, which incorporate river barriers and habitat suitability, as predictor variables. For all models, resistance matrices were not included, as they had no significant contribution.
  3. cEntries are blank because geographic distance was not a significant contributor to the final model.