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Table 1 Sampling sites and mitochondrial cox1 haplotypes of the sequenced specimens of Ma. balthica . cox1 haplotypes are described in Becquet et al. [21] and are noted H1 to H5. H1 and H2 are common of the Bay of Biscay, H3 of the English Channel, H4 and H5 of North and Baltic seas, respectively

From: Mitochondrial genomes of the Baltic clam Macoma balthica(Bivalvia: Tellinidae): setting the stage for studying mito-nuclear incompatibilities

Sampling site Country Code Latitude Longitude GB Accession no. cox1 haplotype
Aytré France A 46.126 −1.1306 A10: KM373200 H1
Aytré France A 46.126 −1.1306 A6: KM373201 H2
Mont-Saint-Michel France M 48.438 −1.5153 M12: KM373202 H3
Balgzand Netherlands W 52.9301 +4.7953 W4: KM373203 H3
Balgzand Netherlands W 52.9301 +4.7953 W20: KM373204 H4
Tvärminne Finland F 59.4883 +21.2051 F17: KM373205 H5