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Table 4 Definition of terms used to describe mate trial groupings

From: The role of aedeagus size and shape in failed mating interactions among recently diverged taxa in the Drosophila mojavensisspecies cluster

Comparison among: Definition
Mating Groups Three types: conspecific (includes contypic in the case of D. mojavensis subspecies), heterotypic, and heterospecific.
Cross Types 25 different types: all reciprocal pairwise comparisons, e.g. D. m. mojavensis x D. m. baja. Female in cross is always listed first.
Taxa Five designations: D. arizone, D. m. baja, D. m. mojavensis, D. m. sonorensis, and D. m. wrigleyi. When grouped by female taxon, includes all mate trials with a female from specified taxon. Same when grouped by male taxon.