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Table 1 Tree comparison facilities of phylogeny visualizing tools

From: CompPhy: a web-based collaborative platform for comparing phylogenies

Tool Year Type Annotations Joint edit. Cons./SuperT. Collab. Reference
TreeView 2001 S.a. No No No No [2]
TreeMap3 2002 S.a. Int. Yes No No [11]
TreeDyn 2007 S.a. Int. & scr. Yes No No [3]
EPOS 2008 S.a. Int. & scr. Yes C. & S. No [12]
PhyloWidget 2008 Online No No No No [13]
Archaeopteryx 2009 S.a. & Online Int. & Scr. No No No [5]
PhyloExplorer 2009 online No Yes No No [14]
ScripTree 2010 S.a. & Online Scr. Yes No No [7]
TreeVector 2010 Online No No No No [15]
iTOL 2011 Online Scr. No No No [8]
ETE 2011 S.a. & Online Int. & scr. No No No [16]
Dendroscope 2012 S.a. Int. & scr. Yes C. & S. No [4]
FigTree 2012 S.a. Int. No No No [6]
jsPhyloSVG 2012 Online Scr. No No No [9]
Evolview 2012 Online Scr. No No No [10]
CompPhy 2014 Online Int. & scr. Yes C. & S. Yes This paper
  1. Year: date of the last release; Type: some tools run as stand-alone (S.a.) software after a download/installation procedure, others can be run online, inside a web browser; Annotations indicates which tools allow users to annotate trees with extra information (other than just branch length or support): Int. (available from the interface), Scr. (available through a script); Joint edit. indicates which tools offer edit functions that jointly apply to a set of trees (compared to tools with which the same action has to repeated on each tree) Cons./SuperT. indicates which tools offer consensus (C.) and/or supertree (S.) computation; Collab. indicates which tools offer functionalities allowing collaborative work.