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Table 1 Percent reactivity values of the CG and PV ribozymes using the initial velocities of the pick-up-the-tail assays

From: Empirical demonstration of environmental sensing in catalytic RNA: evolution of interpretive behavior at the origins of life

Variant O1 O2 O3 O4 O1 >  O2 O1  > O3 O4 >  O2 O1 > O4
CG 18.8 9.24 14.2 31.1 yes yes yes no
PV 14.7 1.46 2.42 2.37 yes yes yes yes
  1. For both ribozymes, the initial velocities were taken using data at 5 minutes. All data are the average of three replicates. Rank-ordering of the conditions are as follows. CG: O4 > O1 > O3 > O2 (not interpretive; P = 0.019 by Kruskal-Wallace test); PV: O1 > O4 > O3 > O2 (interpretive; P = 0.075 by Kruskal-Wallace test; note that this order differs from those given from the numbers in the table for the PV because they are averages from three trials).