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Table 1 Percent identity within and between canonical Rsp repeat types, for BACs from unmapped regions, h39 (target of SD ) , and 3L

From: The organization and evolution of the Responder satellite in species of the Drosophila melanogaster group: dynamic evolution of a target of meiotic drive

BAC location Within-repeat type %ID Between-repeat type %ID
Left Right Left-right
Unmapped 89.5 (79.5-100) 90.4 (82.3-100) 82.4 (76.0-89.8)
h39 99.6 (99.1-100) 92.1 (84.1-100) 81.5 (80.6-82.3)
3L 96.5 (93.0-100) 90.1 (94.5-100) 79.4 (76.2-91.9)
  1. Canonical repeats have the little variation on 3L and at h39, but are highly variable on the unmapped BAC. Variability between Left and Right canonical repeats does not differ between regions.