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Table 1 Pedinophycean and trebouxiophycean taxa used in the chloroplast phylogenomic analyses

From: Chloroplast phylogenomic analysis resolves deep-level relationships within the green algal class Trebouxiophyceae

Taxa Sourcea Accession no.b Sequencing methodc
Pedinomonas minor UTEX LB 1350 [GenBank:NC_016733]  
Pedinomonas tuberculata SAG 42.84 [GenBank:KM462867]* 454
Marsupiomonas sp. NIES 1824 [GenBank:KM462870]* 454
Pseudochloris wilhelmii SAG 1.80 [GenBank:KM462886]* Illumina
Chlorella variabilis NC64A [GenBank:NC_015359]  
Chlorella vulgaris C-27 [GenBank:NC_001865]  
Dicloster acuatus SAG 41.98 [GenBank:KM462885]* Sanger
Marvania geminata SAG 12.88 [GenBank:KM462888]* 454
Parachlorella kessleri SAG 211-11 g [GenBank:NC_012978]  
Choricystis/Botryococcus clade    
Botryococcus braunii SAG 807-1 [GenBank:KM462884]* Illumina
Choricystis minor SAG 17.98 [GenBank:KM462878]* Sanger
Coccomyxa subellipsoidea NIES 2166 [GenBank:NC_015084]  
Elliptochloris bilobata CAUP H7103 [GenBank:KM462887]* 454
Paradoxia multiseta SAG 18.84 [GenBank:KM462879]* Illumina
Trebouxiophyceae sp. MX-AZ01 [GenBank:NC_018569]  
Geminella clade    
Geminella minor SAG 22.88 [GenBank:KM462883]* Illumina
Geminella terricola SAG 20.91 [GenBank:KM462881]* 454
Gloeotilopsis sterilis UTEX 1704 [GenBank:KM462877]* Illumina
Fusochloris perforata SAG 28.85 [GenBank:KM462882]* 454
Microthamnion kuetzingianum UTEX 318 [GenBank:KM462876]* Sanger
Oocystis clade    
Oocystis solitaria SAG 83.80 [GenBank:FJ968739]  
Planctonema lauterbornii SAG 68.94 [GenBank:KM462880]* Sanger
Prasiola clade    
“Chlorella” mirabilis SAG 38.88 [GenBank:KM462865]* Sanger
Koliella longiseta UTEX 339 [GenBank:KM462868]* 454
Pabia signiensis SAG 7.90 [GenBank:KM462866]* Sanger
Stichococcus bacillaris UTEX 176 [GenBank:KM462864]* Sanger
Prasiolopsis sp. SAG 84.81 [GenBank:KM462862]* 454
Myrmecia israelensis UTEX 1181 [GenBank:KM462861]* 454
Trebouxia aggregata SAG 219-1D [GenBank:EU123962-EU124002]  
Watanabea clade    
Dictyochloropsis reticulata SAG 2150 [GenBank:KM462860]* 454
Watanabea reniformis SAG 211-9b [GenBank:KM462863]* Illumina
Other lineages    
Pleurastrosarcina brevispinosa d UTEX 1176 [GenBank:KM462875]* Illumina
“Koliella” corcontica SAG 24.84 [GenBank:KM462874]* Illumina
Leptosira terrestris UTEX 333 [GenBank:NC_009681]  
Lobosphaera incisa SAG 2007 [GenBank:KM462871]* Sanger
Neocystis brevis CAUP D802 [GenBank:KM462873]* 454
Parietochloris pseudoalveolaris UTEX 975 [GenBank:KM462869]* Sanger
Xylochloris irregularis CAUP H7801 [GenBank:KM462872]* 454
  1. aThe taxa originate from the culture collections of algae at the University of Goettingen (SAG, [43]), the University of Texas at Austin (UTEX, [44]), the Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota (CCMP, [45]), the National Institute of Environmental Studies in Tsukuba (NIES, [46]), and Charles University in Prague (CAUP, [47]).
  2. bThe GenBank accession number of the chloroplast genome is given for each taxon. The asterisks denote the genomes that were sequenced during the course of this study.
  3. cSequencing methods are given only for the chloroplast genomes sequenced in this study.
  4. dThis taxon, originally classified in the genus Chlorosarcina, was assigned to the new genus Pleurastrosarcina by Sluiman and Blommers [48].