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Table 2 Comparisons of TAS2R pseudogene haplotype blocks among the studied populations

From: Genetic variation in taste receptor pseudogenes provides evidence for a dynamic role in human evolution

HBlock Chr PseudoGene SNP1 SNP2 MA1 MA2 F_AFR F_ASN F_EUR F_AMR Comparison adjusted P-value*
H5 7 TAS2R6P rs1161380 rs1859645 C G 0,24 0,71 0,46 0,54 AFR/EUR 1,16E-15
AFR/AMR 1,5E-18
AFR/ASN 1,5E-17
EUR/ASN 2,11E-09
H6 12 TAS2R18P rs2290318 rs2290319 C A 0,05 0,74 0,35 0,41 AFR/EUR 2,13E-13
AFR/AMR 1,03E-09
AFR/ASN 1,11E-20
EUR/ASN 1,07E-08
ASN/AMR 2,21E-06
  1. Hblock, Haplotype block; Chr, Chromosome; MA, Minor Allele; F, Frequence.
  2. *after Bonferroni correction
  3. AMR, Latin Americans; AFR, Africans, EUR, Europeans; ASN, Asians.