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Table 1 Number of genes in different species for which unambiguous orthologies to a total of 28197 annotated human genes were identified using the BioMart program.

From: Gene synteny comparisons between different vertebrates provide new insights into breakage and fusion events during mammalian karyotype evolution

Species (abbreviation) Number of genes orthologous to 28197 annotated human genesa
Rattus norvegicus (RNO) 17733
Mus musculus (MMU) 17796
Canis familiaris (CFA) 16263
Bos taurus (BTA) 16689
Monodelphis domestica (MDO) 15257
Gallus gallus (GGA) 12591
  1. a: Orthologous genes were determined using the program BioMart
  2. (; ENSEMBL release 46).