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Table 3 Maximum log-likelihood scores and AU test p-values under different models of sequence evolution for three possible basal rodent relationships.

From: Rodent phylogeny revised: analysis of six nuclear genes from all major rodent clades

Model of sequence evolution JTT + Γ4 Rate shift model + Γ4 Codon model + Γ4 (without positive selection)
Topology Diff -ln L p-value Diff -ln L p-value Diff -ln L p-value
Squirrel-related clade at the base <32,963.68> 0.580 <32,936.35> 0.586 0.9 0.517
Ctenohystrica at the base 0.2 0.563 0.3 0.558 <77,788.57> 0.623
Mouse related clade at the base 3.2 0.031 3.1 0.035 4.0 0.158
  1. Significant p-values are indicated in bold. The log-likelihood value of the best tree is indicated between brackets.