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Table 2 Mate choice trials under treatments to control sensory cues in northern blue P. zebra from Nkhata Bay and northern orange P. emmiltos

From: Assortative mating among Lake Malawi cichlid fish populations is not simply predictable from male nuptial colour

Female Treatment Male Cumulative Binomial Probability (one-tailed)
   P. emmiltos P. zebra  
P. emmiltos
Control: free contact; white light 12 0 < 0.001
  Treatment 1: free contact, monochromatic light 11 1 0.005
  Treatment 2: visual only, white light 7 5 0.386
P. zebra
Control: free contact, white light 5 7 0.386
  Treatment 1: free contact, monochromatic light 7 5 0.386
  1. Female preference for conspecific P. emmiltos males was maintained under monochromatic light, but lost when non-visual cues were blocked (response variable is the number of replicates in which the majority of the clutch was laid next to a male of a particular species). Significant p-values (α = 0.05) are in bold.