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Table 4 Sex-specific effects of inbreeding on mortality rates in longevity assay II.

From: Sex differences in the genetic architecture of lifespan in a seed beetle: extreme inbreeding extends male lifespan

  Baseline mortality rate α (SE) Rate-of-senescence β (SE) Deceleration in late-life s (SE)
  F~0.89 F~0 F~0.89 F~0 F~0.89 F~0
Female 0.00241a 0.00134b 0.73184a 0.77611a 0.79646a 1.72506b
  (0.00164–0.00355) (0.00093–0.00194) (0.66356–0.80713) (0.71210–0.84558) (0.61250–1.03567) (1.47576–2.01649)
Male 0.00392a 0.01220b 0.57590a 0.52531a 0.25954a 0.39520a
  (0.00283–0.00545) (0.01005–0.01480) (0.52340–0.63368) (0.48552–0.56835) (0.14724–0.45748) (0.29585–0.52792)
  1. The effect of two levels of inbreeding on mortality rates in male and female C. maculatus beetles. The maximum likelihood estimates of mortality rates (lower and upper confidence intervals) were obtained by fitting the data to a Logistic model and are based on pooled data for each sex and treatment. Letters indicate significant differences in mortality rates between levels of inbreeding within each sex using log-likelihood ratio tests (see text for details).