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Table 2 Proposed nomenclature for relaxin family loci (RFL) in teleosts.

From: Relaxin gene family in teleosts: phylogeny, syntenic mapping, selective constraint, andexpression analysis

Teleost gene name Human Park et al. Wilkinson et al.
    T. rubripes D. rerio
insl5a INSL5 RFLA1 TrRLX3d DrRLX3b
insl5b -- RFLA2 TrRLX3e DrRLX3d
rln RLN RFLB1 TrRLX3c --
rln3a RLN3 RFLC2 TrRLX3a DrRLX3a
rln3b -- RFLC1 TrRLX3b --
  1. The proposed names for the six teleost RFL are given along with the nomenclature used for the orthologous genes in humans, and the nomenclature proposed by Park et al. (2008) and Wilkinson et al. (2005) in Takifugu rubripes and Danio rerio for teleost relaxin family genes. Park et al. (2008) propose that teleosts do not have an insl3 orthologue. They suggest that insl3 adopted its role in mammals after the divergence of Amphibia, and refer to the ancestral insl3 locus in amphibians as RFLCII.