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Table 3 Substitutions in Bcd and Kr sites in the eve stripe 2 enhancer

From: Statistical tests for natural selection on regulatory regions based on the strength of transcription factor binding sites

From To Pos ΔS site lineage Coordinate
G C N.A. N.A. BC-5, KR-5 ana 2R:5489670
G T 0 0.62 KR-5 ana 2R:5489674
A G 0 -0.44 KR-4 mel 2R:5489850
C G 3 -0.51 KR-4 ana 2R:5489853
G C N.A. N.A. KR-3, BC-1 ere/yak 2R:5490048
C T 3 -0.92 KR-2 mel Subgroup 2R:5490098
A G 0 -0.44 KR-2 ana 2R:5490094
T C 9 -1.39 KR-1 ana 2R:5490140
A G 7 -2.73 KR-1 ana 2R:5490142
A G 0 0.12 BC-3 yak 2R:5489835
A C 0 1.22 BC-3 sim/sec 2R:5489835
T C 1 -1.67 BC-3 yak 2R:5489836
A G 2 -2.30 BC-3 ere 2R:5489837
T C 3 0.41 BC-3 yak 2R:5489838
T A 3 3.85 BC-3 mel/sim/sec 2R:5489838
C G 7 0.48 BC-3 yak 2R:5489842
C G 7 -0.48 BC-4 mel/sim/sec 2R:5489683
G C 7 0.48 BC-4 sim 2R:5489683
  1. N.A. - not applicable, other abbreviations are as in Figure 3. Naming of binding sites is as in [31]. Coordinates are based on mapping of sites to the D. melanoaster genome [52].