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Table 1 Summary of human mitochondrial multigene families

From: Comparative study of human mitochondrial proteome reveals extensive protein subcellular relocalization after gene duplications

    Total number of proteins Phylogenetic interval
Category Multigene familiesa Total number of family mitochondrial non-mitochondrial Before vertebrates At the root of vertebrates After the emergence of fish
Mitochondrial- cytosolic families (mt-cy families) ACAA2, ALDH1B1, CPT2, GPAM, HMGCS2, NDUFA4, SH3BP5, HIBADH, ABCB10, CABC1, ARG2, ATP5A1, BNIP3, CYP11B2, CA5A, CPS1, CDS2, CYB5B, DECR1, DGUOK, DLD, DNAJA3, GFM1, TUFM, FTMT, GK, SHMT2, GPX4, HSPA9, ALAS2, HTRA2, HK1, IDH2, MTIF2, PPA2, AK3, CKMT2, ME2, MFN2, MGST1, MIPEP, NME4, NFS1, OAS2, OPA1, SLC25A15, PCK2, PHB, PPIF, PRDX3, SIRT3, IARS2, SARS2, DNAJC19, TMLHE, TOP1MT, TRAP1, TST, OXR1 59 144 196 27b
29b (49.2%) 3b(5%)
Mitochondrial- mitochondrial families (mt-mt families) AIFM1, MAOA, ATP5G2, BCL2L1, D2HGDH, GLUD2, GRPEL1, LETM1, MCART1, PMPCB, MTCH2, MTERF, ENDOG, OAT, BCKDHA, PDHB, PDK4, PDP2, MTRF1, RHOT1, SCO2, TIMM17A, TOMM40, VDAC3, COX4I2, COX7A1, COX6A1, COX6B1, MCCC2, OXCT2, MRPS18A, MRPS10, MRPS30 33 79 - 8 (24%) 19 (57.6%) 6 (18.4%)
  1. a Families are listed using gene names of mitochondrial members.
  2. b For families that underwent multiple rounds of duplications, only the duplications followed by subcellular relocalizations were considered.