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Table 1 Group I Nme proteins: names and symbols by species, accession numbers and corresponding chromosomal location

From: Nme protein family evolutionary history, a vertebrate perspective

  Species Name Other names GenBank Acc # Ensembl Acc # Localisation Position
  C. intestinalis NmeGp1CiA NDK B XP_002123476 ENSCINP00000011619 Chr 8q 5,908,347-5,908,808
  C. intestinalis NmeGp1CiB   XP_002121438 ENSCINP00000002194 Chr 2q 7,888,026-7,888,562
NmeGp1 B. floridae NmeGp1BfA   XP_002206993   Chr Un 116,102,546-116,104,838
  B. floridae NmeGp1BfB   XP_002206992   Chr Un 116,092,575-116,094,429
  P. marinus Nme2   FD722053*    
  P. marinus Nme3/4   FD718234*   Contig24671 6,345-8,952
  H. sapiens NME1 NDK A; NM23-H1; GAAD NP_937818 ENSP00000337060 Chr 17 46,585,919-46,594,449
  M. musculus Nme1 NDK A; Nm23-M1 NP_032730 ENSMUSP00000021220 Chr 11 93,820,547-93,829,574
  B. taurus Nme1 NDK A; NDKA2; NBR-A NP_991387 ENSBTAP00000006104 Chr 19 36,634,791-36,645,841
Nme1 M. domestica Nme1 LOC100012868 XP_001363771 ENSMODP00000015750 Chr 2 184,090,725-184,104,175
  O. anatinus Nme1    ENSOANP00000018628 SuperContig 18222 1,054-2,769
  G. gallus Nme1 Nm23A XP_420097 ENSGALP00000011811 Chr18 9,930,932-9,933,309
  A. carolinensis Nme1    ENSACAESTP00000008767 Scaffold_268 1,710,978-1,717,896
  H. sapiens NME2 NDK B; NM23-H2; PUF NP_001018149 ENSP00000376888 Chr 17 46,598,821-46,604,103
  M. musculus Nme2 NDK B; Nm23-M2 NP_032731 ENSMUSP00000021217 Chr 11 93,811,130-93,817,195
  B. taurus Nme2 NDK B; PUF NP_001069844   Chr 19 36,625,295-36,629,092
Nme2 M. domestica Nme2 NDK B XP_001363684 ENSMODP00000015743 Chr 2 184,076,307-184,081,978
  O. anatinus Nme2    ENSOANP00000018629 SuperContig 18222 6,818-8,864
  G. gallus Nme2 CNDPK; NDK_CHICK NP_990378 ENSGALP00000034078 Chr18 5,062,096-5,064,054
  A. carolinensis Nme2    ENSACAESTP00000008779 Scaffold_268 1,724,830-1,729,637
  X. tropicalis Nme2 NME1 NP_001005140 ENSXETP00000024764 Scaffold_673 77,640-81,451
  H. sapiens NMELV NME1-NME2 NP_001018146 ENSP00000376894 Chr 17 49,230,997-49,249,103
  P. troglodytes NmeLV NME1-NME2 XP_511889 ENSPTRP00000044657 Chr 17 50,152,238-50,171,443
Nme-LV E. caballus NmeLV NME1-NME2 XP_001499951 ENSECAP00000019175 Chr 11 26,692,478-26,707,469
  B. taurus NmeLV NDKB-BOVIN   ENSBTAP00000041066 Chr 19 36,625,292-36,645,867
  O. anatinus NmeLV NME1-NME2 XP_001515701   SuperContig18222 1057-8751
  A. carolinensis NmeLV    ENSACAP00000002161 Scaffold_268 1,706,438-1,729,637
  D. rerio Nme2a NM23B; nme2l NP_956264 ENSDARP00000064338 Chr 20 5,310,868-5,319,057
  O. latipes Nme2a    ENSORLP00000018429 Chr 19 21,821,808-21,827,808
Nme2a G. aculeatus Nme2a    ENSGACP00000020117 Scaffold_48 706,609-708,477
  T. nigroviridis Nme2a   CAF90396 ENSTNIP00000005730 Chr Un_random 34,843,841-34,848,064
  T. rubripes Nme2a    ENSTRUP00000014520 Scaffold_29 678,695-680,960
  D. rerio Nme2b1 nme2; nme1; ndpkz1; NM23B NP_571001 ENSDARP00000074169 Scaffold Zv7_NA1913 1,772-2,772
Nme2b D. rerio Nme2b2 Ndpkz2 NP_571002   Scaffold Zv7_NA1913 8,750-9,346
  O. latipes Nme2b NDKA; GAAD; NME1-NME2   ENSORLP00000023099 Scaffold1014 323-3,121
  T. rubripes Nme2b NDKA; GAAD   ENSTRUP00000001870 Scaffold_307 158,498-160,002
  H. sapiens NME3 NDPKC; DR-nm23; NM23-H3 NP_002504 ENSP00000219302 Chr 16 1,760,323-1,761,711
  M. musculus Nme3 NDPKC; DR-nm23; Nm23-M3 NP_062704 ENSMUSP00000024978 Chr 17 25,033,459-25,034,448
  G. gallus Nme3 NDPKC; DR-nm23 XP_414714 ENSGALP00000003531 Chr 14 13,989,877-13,991,647
  A. carolinensis Nme3 NDPKC; NDK 3; DR-nm23   ENSACAP00000003455 Scaffold_1065 123,674-128,641
Nme3 X. tropicalis Nme3 MGC89980 NP_001005115 ENSXETP00000022770 Scaffold_27 933,363-937,018
  D. rerio Nme3 ndpkz3; NDPK-Z3 NP_571003 ENSDARP00000075112 Chr 3 13,184,712-13,194,308
  O. latipes Nme3 NDK 3; NDPKC; DR-nm23   ENSORLP00000014699 Chr 8 15,106,871-15,109,573
  G. aculeatus Nme3 NDK 3; NDPKC; DR-nm23   ENSGACP00000017241 GroupXI 12,674,486-12,677,154
  T. rubripes Nme3 NDK 3; NDPKC; DR-nm23   ENSTRUP00000011464 Scaffold_294 107,469-108,977
  T. nigroviridis Nme3 NDK 3; NDPKC; DR-nm23 CAG02649 ENSTNIP00000014528 Chr Un_random 6,812,965-6,814,848
  H. sapiens NME4 NDPKD; NM23-H4 NP_005000 ENSP00000219479 Chr 16 387,193-390,754
  M. musculus Nme4 NDPKD; Nm23-M4 NP_062705 ENSMUSP00000025007 Chr 17 26,228,682-26,232,433
  G. gallus Nme4 NDPKD AAB99857   Chr 14 13,763,108-13,764,673
  A. carolinensis Nme4    ENSACAP00000016602 scaffold_1361 31,704-32,514
Nme4 X. tropicalis Nme4   NP_001039239 ENSXETP00000022726 Scaffold_27 1,305,654-1,312,714
  D. rerio Nme4 zgc:56482 NP_957489 ENSDARP00000060403 Chr 3 14,178,447-14,192,697
  O. latipes Nme4 NDPKD   ENSORLP00000014089 Chr 8 14,902,635-14,905,718
  G. aculeatus Nme4 NDPKD   ENSGACP00000016999 GroupXI 12,533,938-12,535,079
  T. rubripes Nme4 NDPKD   ENSTRUP00000012573 Scaffold_112 81,060-82,895
  T. nigroviridis Nme4 NDPKD CAG12673 ENSTNIP00000022136 Chr Un_random 7,826,243-7,828,703
  1. Protein names were retrieved from Genbank, Ensembl, iHOP and ZFIN. Location was obtained using Ensembl genome browser, or by UCSC Genome Bioinformatics BLAT when not available on Ensembl. *, sequence is an EST. †, incomplete sequence.