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Table 8 Total and sampled richness for MEDUSA analysis.

From: Does evolutionary innovation in pharyngeal jaws lead to rapid lineage diversification in labrid fishes?

taxon richness included genera
Bolbometopon + Cetoscarus 3 Bolbometopon, Cetoscarus
Calotomus 5 Calotomus
Cheilines 23 Epibulus, Oxycheilinus, Cheilinus, Wetmorella
Chlorurus 17 Chlorurus
Cryptotomus+Nicholsina 3 Cryptotomus, Nicholsina
Hipposcarus 2 Hipposcarus
Hypsigenyines 78 Lachnolaimus, Achoerodus, Pseudodax, Bodianus, Semicossyphus, Clepticus, Neoodax, Odax, Xiphocheilus, Choerodon
IP Halichoeres 82 Leptojulis, Halichoeres, Anampses, Macropharyngodon, Coris batuensis
Labrichthyines 14 Labrichthys, Diproctacanthus, Labropsis, Larabicus, Labroides
Labrines 24 Labrus, Lappanella, Ctenolabrus, Acantholabrus, Tautogalabrus, Tautoga, Symphodus, Centrolabrus
Leptoscarus 1 Leptoscarus
Novaculines 37 Novaculichthys, Novaculoides, Xyrichtys, Iniistius, Cymolutes
NW Halichoeres et al. 103 Hemigymnus, Coris, Pseudocoris, Hologymnosus, Thalassoma, Gomphosus
Ophthalmolepis 1  
Pseudocheilines 78 Cirrhilabrus, Pseudocheilinus, Pteragogus
Pseudolabrines 25 Austrolabrus, Pictilabrus, Notolabrus, Pseudolabrus
Scarus 52 Scarus
Sparisoma 13 Sparisoma
Stehojulis 10 Sparisoma
Cheilio 1 Cheilio
Melapterus 1 Melapterus
  1. Species richness from Fishbase [70].