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Table 3 Taxa used for divergence-time analyses in Oryzeae

From: Polyploid evolution in Oryza officinalis complex of the genus Oryza

Taxon GenBank
Accession No.
Taxon GenBank
Accession No.
O. sativa AF148650 Leersia tisserantii AF489901
O. punctata AF148611 Luziola fluitans AY792567
O. officinalis AF148658 Prosphytochloa prehensis AF489916
O. eichingeri AY318858 Zizania latifolia AY092064
O. australiensis AF148667 Ehrharta erecta* AY792568
O. granulata AF148674 Phyllostachys aurea* AF1643901
Leersia oryzoides AY792566   
  1. * Outgroups used in the divergence-time analyses in Oryzeae.