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Table 1 Plant materials used and all sequences obtained in this study

From: Polyploid evolution in Oryza officinalis complex of the genus Oryza

Taxa Codea Genome Acccession
Origin GenBank Accession No.
      Os125 SDBE
O. officinalis off_THA CC 100179 Thailand FJ918688 FJ918761
O. officinalis off_VIE CC 101399 Vietnam FJ918689 FJ918762
O. officinalis cd off_BAN CC 102460 Bangladesh FJ918690 FJ918763
O. officinalis off_CHI CC 104618 China FJ918691 FJ918764
O. officinalis off_MAL CC 104672 Malaysia FJ918692 FJ918765
O. officinalis off_IND CC 104708 India FJ918693 FJ918766
O. officinalis off_MYA CC 106390 Myanmar FJ918694, 695e FJ918767, 768e
O. officinalis off_PNG CC 106519 Papua New Guinea FJ918696 FJ918769
O. eichingeri eic_UGA1 CC 105159 Uganda FJ918702 FJ918770
O. eichingeri c eic_UGA2 CC 105162 Uganda FJ918701, 703e FJ918771
O. eichingeri eic_LAK1 CC 105407 Sri Lanka FJ918700, 704e FJ918772, 773e
O. eichingeri c eic_LAK2 CC 104608 Sri Lanka FJ918705 FJ918774
O. eichingeri d eic_LAK3 CC 105415 Sri Lanka FJ918706 FJ918775
O. rhizomatis rhi_LAK1 CC 105440 Sri Lanka FJ918697, 698e FJ918776
O. rhizomatis c rhi _LAK2 CC 103414 Sri Lanka FJ918699 FJ91877, 878e
O. punctata c pun _KEN BBCC 104975 Kenya FJ918707, 724e FJ918780, 795e
O. punctata pun _UGA BBCC 105160 Uganda FJ918708, 722e FJ918781, 794e
O. punctata d pun _IND BBCC 100125 India FJ918709, 723e FJ918779, 796e
O. malampuzhaensis mal _IND1 BBCC 80765 India FJ918710, 729e FJ918786, 799e
O. malampuzhaensis mal _IND2 BBCC 80767 India FJ918711, 728e FJ918785, 800e
O. malampuzhaensis cd mal _IND3 BBCC 80768 India FJ918712, 727e FJ918784, 801e
O. minuta c min _PHI1 BBCC 101141 Philippine FJ918713, 725e FJ918782, 798e
O. minuta min _PHI2 BBCC 104674 Philippine FJ918714, 726e FJ918783, 797e
O. alta cd alt _SUR CCDD 100967 Suriname FJ918715, 731, 739e FJ918787, 802e
O. alta alt _BRA CCDD 100161 Brazil FJ918755, 756, 757e FJ918812, 817e
O. alta alt _GUY CCDD 105143 Guyana FJ918752, 753, 754e FJ918810, 816e
O. grandiglumis cd gla _BRA1 CCDD 105669 Brazil FJ918716, 730, 738e FJ918788, 803, 804e
O. grandiglumis gla _BRA2 CCDD 101405 Brazil FJ918743, 744, 745e FJ918815, 820e
O. grandiglumis gla _BRA3 CCDD 105664 Brazil FJ918758, 759, 760e FJ918814, 821e
O. latifolia lat _CRA CCDD 100167 Costa Rica FJ918717, 734, 736e FJ918791, 805e
O. latifolia lat _PAN CCDD 100966 Panama FJ918718, 732, 735e FJ918789, 806e
O. latifolia cd lat _NIG CCDD 102481 Nigaragua FJ918719, 733, 737e FJ918790, 807e
O. latifolia lat _GUA CCDD 100171 Guatemala FJ918749, 750, 751e FJ918811, 819e
O. latifolia lat _MEX CCDD 100914 Mexico FJ918746, 747, 748e FJ918813, 818e
O. punctata c pun _CAM BB 105984 Cameroon FJ918720 FJ918792
O. punctata d pun _CHA BB 105607 Chad FJ918721 FJ918793
O. australiensis c aus _AUS1 EE 105277 Australia FJ918740 FJ918808
O. australiensis aus _AUS2 EE 101410 Australia FJ918741 FJ918809
O. granulate c gra _LAK GG 100880 Sri Lanka FJ918742 FJ918822
  1. a The first three letters represent species name of an accession, followed by its origin country.
  2. b All accessions were provided by the Genetic Resources Center of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, the Philippines.
  3. c Accession selected to represent the species for divergence time analyses.
  4. d Accession selected for fluorescent in situ hybridization.
  5. e Heterozygous locus with more than one allele.