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Table 4 Summary of hybrid morphological and genetic characteristics and results of STRUCTURE assignment and ancestry analyses.

From: Testing mitochondrial sequences and anonymous nuclear markers for phylogeny reconstruction in a rapidly radiating group: molecular systematics of the Delphininae (Cetacea: Odontoceti: Delphinidae)

     Assignment probability with prior information Assignment probability without prior information
Sample Field ID mtDNA haplotype AFLP clade prob S. attenuata prob S. frontalis prob parent* prob grandparent*
2Sf01 S. attenuata S. frontalis S. attenuata 0.972 0.028 0.000 0.000
D2BC122 Stenella sp. S. attenuata S. frontalis 0.040 0.960 0.000 0.000
D2BC75 S. frontalis S. attenuata S. frontalis 0.047 0.953 0.000 0.000
Sa99270 S. frontalis S. attenuata S. frontalis 0.022 0.978 0.000 0.000
Sa94106 S. attenuata S. attenuata S. attenuata 0.734 0.266 0.008 0.730
  1. * Posterior probability that each individual has recent ancestry (parental or grandparental) from the species opposite that identified by the AFLP analysis.
  2. Two STRUCTURE assignment and ancestry analyses were performed, one with prior population information assigned and the second with putative hybrid population identity set as unknown to examine alternate parentage contributions. Last row identifies fifth possible hybrid discovered by the analysis.