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Table 1 Characterisation of lophotrochozoan/non-bilaterian specific genes.

From: An EST screen from the annelid Pomatoceros lamarckiireveals patterns of gene loss and gain in animals

EST Information from BLAST match Domains Cnidaria Placozoa Porifera
pl_xlvo_20b10 Nucleoporin 205 kDa None predicted + - -
pl_xlvo_22d01 Only matches predicted proteins None predicted + - -
Calcium dependent mitochondrial carrier protein EF-hand calcium binding domain (two domains), flagellar calcium binding domain, possibly involved in motility + - -
pl_xlvo_26e03 MAR-binding filament-like protein 1 from plants, similar to IQ motif containing E from zebrafish IQ motif - binding site for EF-hand proteins - + -
pl_xlvo_39g10 Lactoylglutathione lyase from plants, glutathione S-transferase from anemone Soluble glutathione S-transferase C-terminal domain - detoxification of reactive electrophilic compounds and in metabolite biosynthesis + - -
Membrane-associated protein from cyanobacteria Methyltransferase type 11 - modifies DNA, RNA, proteins and small molecules for regulatory purposes - + -
pl_xlvo_44b10 Endonuclease I Endonuclease I, Bacterial, periplasmic. Generates double stranded breaks in DNA. + - -
Regulatory P-domain containing protein Uncharacterised conserved protein - - +
pl_xlvo_47g05 Putative alpha-amylase from slime mould Glycosyl hydrolase, family 13, catalytic region - hydrolyse the glycosidic bond between two or more carbohydrates, or between a carbohydrate and a non-carbohydrate moiety + + +
pl_xlvo_53g01 Apextrin from coral Kringle domain - thought to play a role in binding mediators, such as membranes, other proteins or phospholipids, and in the regulation of proteolytic activity
Membrane attack complex components/perforin signature - forms transmembrane channels which disrupt the phospholipid bilayer of target cells, leading to cell lysis and death
+ - -
Regulatory P-domain containing protein WD40 repeat - signal transduction, transcriptional control, cell-cycle control and regulation of apoptosis - - +
  1. Domain prediction and descriptions are from INTERPROSCAN and/or PROSITE. Three columns at right side show presence/absence (+/-) of orthologue for each EST in non-bilaterian genomes searched. The entire sequences of these ESTs are available under GenBank accession numbers GQ381295 to GQ381305.