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Table 3 Phylogenetically-controlled regression analyses between tm and other variables

From: Plant traits correlated with generation time directly affect inbreeding depression and mating system and indirectly genetic structure

  Long lived speciesa Herbaceousb Woodyc
Variable R ΔR2 R ΔR2 R ΔR2
Stature 0.162* -- 0.152NS   0.029NS  
Growth form d 0.239*** 0.057 NC   NC  
Perenniality e NC   0.423***   NC  
Pollination mode f 0.082NS   0.027NS   0.020NS  
  1. a N = 230 b N = 76 c N = 185
  2. 0.01<P < 0.05 and NS for P > 0.05.
  3. d Herbaceous species were coded 0 and woody species 1; e Short-lived species (annuals and biannuals) were coded 0, and long-lived species (perennials species) were coded 1; f The mode of pollination was coded 0 for abiotic (wind- or water-dispersed) and 1 for biotic (animal-dispersed)
  4. correlation coefficient of simple regression analyses
  5. multiple regression analyses (stepwise option using all significant variables from the simple regression analyses): ΔR2 represents the gain of R2 (proportion of variation explained by the variables) when the variable is incorporated into the model, "--" indicates that the variable does not enter in the model, after the integration of the most explicative variables.