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Table 1 List of microorganisms and plasmids

From: Independent inactivation of arginine decarboxylase genes by nonsense and missense mutations led to pseudogene formation in Chlamydia trachomatisserovar L2 and D strains

Strain or plasmid Description and partial genotype Reference or source
Chlamydia pneumoniae Kajaani 6 [52]
C. trachomatis L2/434 Lymphogranuloma venerum II serovar L2, strain 434 H. Caldwell
C. trachomatis D/UW-3 Trachoma serovar D, strain UW-3/Cx P. Wyrick
Escherichia coli   
   BL21(DE3) Expression strain with T7 RNA polymerase gene Novagen
   DEG0147 MG1655 ΔadiAYC::kan [17]
   DH5α General cloning host Invitrogen
   XL1-Blue General cloning host Stratagene
   pBAD/HisA Expression vector with PBAD promoter Invitrogen
   pDFclone1 L2/434 CTL0627–0628 in pGEM-T This work
   pDG379 Cpn aaxBC in pBAD/HisA [17]
   pDG479 L2/434 CTL0627–0628 in pBAD/HisA This work
   pDG491 L2/434 His10-CTL0627 in pET-19b This work
   pDG543 pDG479 with X128W substitution This work
   pDG558 D/UW-3 His6-CT373–374 in pBAD/HisA This work
   pTG17 D/UW-3 His10-CT373 in pET-19b This work
   pTG20 D/UW-3 His10-CT373 Arg115Gly in pET-19b This work