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Table 1 Previous classification systems of Nepomorpha

From: Phylogenetic analysis of the true water bugs (Insecta: Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Nepomorpha): evidence from mitochondrial genomes

  Štys and Jansson 1988; Mahner 1993 Schuh and Slater 1995 Hebsgaard et al. 2004
Nepoidea Belostomatidae Belostomatidae Belostomatidae
  Nepidae Nepidae Nepidae
Corixoidea Corixidae Corixidae Corixidae
Ochteroidea Ochteridae Ochteridae Ochteridae
  Gelastocoridae Gelastocoridae Gelastocoridae
Notonectoidea Notonectidae Notonectidae Notonectidae
Pleoidea Pleidae   Pleidae
  Helotrephidae - Helotrephidae
Naucoridae Naucoridae Naucoridae Naucoridae
  Potamocoridae Potamocoridae  
  Aphelocheiridae Aphelocheiridae  
Aphelocheiridae - - Potamocoridae