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Table 4 tRNA genes in fern rbcL-accD intergenic spacer sequencesa

From: Complete chloroplast genome sequence of a tree fern Alsophila spinulosa: insights into evolutionary changes in fern chloroplast genomes

Orderb Family Number of sequences tRNA genec
Cyatheales (tree ferns) Cyatheaceae 140 trnR-UCG
  Dicksoniaceae 6 trnR-UCG
  Lophosoriaceae 1 trnR-UCG
  Hymenophyllopsidaceae 1 trnR-UCG
Gleicheniales Dipteridaceae 1 trnR-CCG
  Gleicheniaceae 2 trnR-CCG
Hymenophyllales Hymenophyllaceae 84 trnR-CCG
Osmundales Osmundaceae 18 trnR-CCG
Marattiales Marattiaceae 1 trnR-CCG
Psilotales Psilotaceae 1 trnR-CCG
Ophioglossales Ophioglossaceae 1 trnR-CCG
  1. a All sequence data were obtained from GenBank at March 30, 2009;
  2. b Group names at ordinal level follow Smith et al. [7];
  3. c tRNA genes were identified by using ARAGORN v1.2[22]