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Table 1 PCR amplification for each of the DA/Xiao loci found in the human genome1

From: Stepwise evolution of two giant composite LTR-retrotransposon-like elements DA and Xiao

Location (Mb) Human Chimp Bonobo Gorilla Orangutan Gibbon Siamang Others 2
2p-71, Xiao Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
2q-159, Xiao Y Y Y Y?3 Y N? N? N
3p-8, Xiao Y Y Y Y Y ? ? N
8p-11, Xiao Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
9q-92a, Xiao Y Y Y ? ? ? ? N
9q-92b, Xiao Y Y Y Y ? N? N? N
10p-15, Xiao Y Y4 Y Y Y ? ? N
12q-50, Xiao Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
13q-40, Xiao Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
13q-67, Xiao Y Y Y Y ? N N N
14q-51, Xiao Y Y N? Y? N N N N
21q-32, Xiao Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
3p-75, Type I DA Y Y Y Y Y Y? Y? N
3q-127, Type I DA Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
3q/p-131/155, Type II DA Y Y Y Y N N N N
4p-4, Type II/I6 DA Y Y Y Y N N N N
4p-9, Type II/I6/III DA Y Y Y Y N N N N
7p/q-6.6/975, Type II DA Y Y Y Y N N N N
8p-7-87, Type II/III DAs Y Y Y Y N N N N
8p-11-127, Type II/III DAs Y N? ? ? N N N N
11q-67, Type II DA Y Y? 8 Y? Y? N N N N
11q-71, Type III DA Y Y Y Y N N N N
12p-8, Type III DA Y Y Y Y N N N N
  1. 1 Loci not examined (see text) included Xiaos at 2q-95Mb, 3q-113Mb, 11p-17Mb, 13q-45.9Mb and 13q-63Mb, as well as the 11p-3Mb DA. Bioinformatics analyses found all these loci in the chimp genome but not in the rhesus and marmoset genomes. Except for 11p-3Mb DA as well as 13q-45.9Mb and 63 Mb Xiaos, the rest of the loci were found in the current orangutan genome release [13].
  2. 2 Others include Rhesus/pigtail/Tamerin/Spider Monkeys and Lemur. In a few cases, non-specific bands (usually not the right size based on the human genome) were amplified with the Old World Monkeys, New World monkeys, and the lemur.
  3. 3 "?" indicates that the PCR results were inconclusive (see text), and further analyses are needed to confirm the existence or absence of the locus.
  4. 4 This locus was found to be associated with a DA in the published chimp genome.
  5. 5 Internal fissions occurred in these DAs and subsequent inversions dispatched broken pieces of DA to several distinct loci [13]. All loci involved were examined by the PCR experiments.
  6. 6 We did not find a HERV-H/HERV-E/HERV-H element inside the 4p-4 Mb and -9 Mb DAs in the published human genome, but a previous study [22] found this element at both loci.
  7. 7 Several DAs were found in the 8p 7–8 Mb and 11–12 Mb regions.
  8. 8 We found a large internal deletion for this DA in the chimp genome (see text).