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Table 2 Sequence differences between pre-adapted T3 (T3+E) and the published wild-type T3+

From: Compensatory evolution for a gene deletion is not limited to its immediate functional network

Nucleotide position Change Gene
9606 CG insert endonuclease (3)
9625 G insert endonuclease (3)
9968 G insert endonuclease (3)
9973 G deletion endonuclease (3)
19676-7 CA->AC head-tail connector (8)
25203P A->G tail B (12)
37621P G->A unknown (19.5)
37630P A->G unknown (19.5)
  1. Sequences were determined as a consensus of the phage population and compared to the published sequence of T3 [4]; the relative abundance of a base had to exceed 10% of the total before it was considered real.
  2. P – polymorphic