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Table 2 Putative AluYi6 derivative subfamilies.

From: Source gene composition and gene conversion of the AluYh and AluYi lineages of retrotransposons

Putative subfamily Species Mutations from Yi6 consensus Copy number Polymorphic?
Yi6 H, C, G - 237 (H), 91 (C) Y
Yi6.1 H, C 57T 36 (H), 7 (C) Y
Yi6.1a H 57T, 270A 10 Y
Yi6.1b H 57T, 270A, 277T 4 Y
Yi6.2 H, C 151T 77 (H), 17 (C) UN
Yi6.2a H 151T, 134A 8 Y
Yi6.2b H 151T, 167T 5 UN
Yi6.2c H 151T, 131+A 53 Y
Yi6.3 H 151T, 131+A, 208T 22 Y
Yi6.4 H 254A 35 UN
Yi6.4a H 254A, 251T 5 UN
Yi6.4b H 254A, 109T 3 UN
Yi6.4c H 254A, 147G 20 UN
Yi6.4d H 254A, 147G, 207T 18 Y
Yi6.5 C 175T, 200A 31 Y
  1. Yi6.1, Yi6.2 and Yi6.3 reported in [14]. Where a shared mutation is found with additional shared mutations, the copy number of elements with the single mutation includes copies with further shared mutations. H = human, C = chimp, G = gorilla, UN = unknown, Y = yes.