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Table 1 Subfamilies on the AluYh lineage.

From: Source gene composition and gene conversion of the AluYh and AluYi lineages of retrotransposons

Putative subfamily Species Mutations from AluYh3 consensus Copy number Polymorphic?
Yh9 H 97G, 161G, 167G, 230T, 234G, 249T 2 Y
Yh7 H 97G, 161G, 167G, 234G 20 Y
Yh3a1 H, C, G, O 99A 98 (H), 73 (C) -
Yh3a3 H, C 99A, 237C, (238–259 del.) 3 (H), 11 (C) UN
  1. Copy number of the AluYh7 subfamily includes elements with the diagnostic mutations for AluYh9. H = human, C = chimp, G = gorilla, O = orangutan, UN = unknown, Y = yes. Copy number in the gorilla and orangutan genomes is unknown due to the absence of complete genome sequences for these species.