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Table 3 Class II hydrophobin genes from other ascomycetes used in this study

From: Purifying selection and birth-and-death evolution in the class II hydrophobin gene families of the ascomycete Trichoderma/Hypocrea

subphyllum family species Protein name Accession number *
Leotiomycetes Sclerotiniaceae Botryotinia fuckeliana BF1 [B. fuckeliana genome database: BC1G_03994.19]
   Botryotinia fuckeliana BF2 [B. fuckeliana genome database: BC1G_01012.1 ]
Eurotiomycetes Trichocomaceae Aspergillus oryzae A_ORY [GenBank: AAO16870.1]
   Aspergillus terreus A_TER [GenBank: XM_001213908]
   Aspergillus niger A_NIG1 [GenBank: XM_001394993]
   Aspergillus niger A_NIG2 [GenBank: AAN76355.1]
Dothiodiomycetes Mycosphaerellaceae Mycosphaerella graminicola MSG3 [M. graminicola genome database: FGENESH2_PG.C_SCAFFOLD_8000534]
   Mycosphaerella graminicola MSG2 [M. graminicola genome database: FGENESH2_PG.C_SCAFFOLD_2000556]
   Mycosphaerella graminicola MSG1 [M. graminicola genome database: FGENESH2_PG.C_SCAFFOLD_11000390]
   Passalora fulva PF3 [GenBank: CAC27408.1]
   Passalora fulva PF1 [GenBank: CAC27407.1]
   Passalora fulva PF2 [GenBank: CAB39312.1]
Sordariomycetes Nectriaceae Gibberella moniliformis GIM [GenBank: AY158024]
   Gibberella zeae GIZ [GenBank: FG01831.1]
   Nectria haematococca NEH [N. haematococca genome database: e_gw.]
  Phyllachorales Verticillium dahliae VED [GenBank: AAY89101]
  Cryphonectriaceae Cryphonectria parasitica CRP [GenBank: L09559]
  Clavicipitaceae Claviceps fusiformis CLF [GenBank: CAB61236.1]
   Claviceps purpurea CLP [GenBank: CAD10781.1]
  Ophiostomataceae Ophiostoma ulmi OPU [GenBank: Z800849
  Magnaporthaceae Magnaporthe grisea MGG4 [GenBank: XM 364289]
   Magnaporthe grisea MGG1 [GenBank: AF126872]
   Magnaporthe grisea MGG2 [GenBank: XM_001522792]
   Magnaporthe grisea MGG3 [GenBank: XM_382007]
   Magnaporthe grisea MGG5 [GenBank: XM_364289]
  Sordariaceae Neurospora crassa NEC [GenBank: XM_954189]