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Table 3 Variable DNA sites matrix (β-fibrinogen)

From: Climate-driven diversification in two widespread Galerida larks

  GenBank 740626390 n Species (geography)
T1 AY769756 GAGCGTCCT 12 G. theklae (Mo:6, Tu:3), G. ellioti (1), G. praetermissa (2)
T2 EF445416 .G....... 1 G. ellioti (1)
H AY769759 A.CAA.TAG 19 G. randonii (6), G. cristata (Mo:6,Tu:2,Ch:2,Se:1,Ke:1,Ir:1)
M1 / A.SAAYNNN 2 G. malabarica (2)
M2 EF445417 A.GAACNNN 2 G. malabarica (2)
  1. 5 alleles (or genotypes) for Intron 7 of the β-fibrinogen gene (for the two G. malabarica called M1, the phase of the alleles was not unravelled); S = C and G; Y = C and T. The geographic origin of samples is indicated as follows: Mo = Morocco; Tu = Tunisia; Ch = Chad; Se = Senegal; Ke = Kenya; Ir = Iran.