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Table 1 Position of Aquificales in phylogenies built from single genes present in the concatenated alignment

From: Accounting for horizontal gene transfers explains conflicting hypotheses regarding the position of aquificales in the phylogeny of Bacteria

Position in the genome (locus index) Gene name Phylogeny: group neighbouring Aquificales
8 rpsJ Thermotogales
11 rplD Deinococcus/Thermus
13 rplB Fusobacterium nucleatum
16 rplV Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis
17 rpsC Thermotogales
18 rplP Planctomycetes
20 rpsQ Chloroflexi
73 rpsK Planctomycetes
74 rpsM a clade comprising spirochaetes and Bacteroidetes/Chlorobi
123 rpsP Bdellovibrio
226 rpsO Planctomycetes
287 smb Thermotogales
461 gatB Thermotogales
609 hypothetical protein Clostridiales
712 frr Chloroflexi
735 rpsL2 Thermotogales
792 cycB1 a clade comprising Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis and Bdellovibrio
946 rnc Thermotogales
1478 recR Leptospira interogans
1489 trmD Thermotogales
1493 dnaG a clade comprising Spirochaetes and Thermotogales
1645 rpsE Deinococcus/Thermus
1648 rplR Clostridiales
1649 rplF Thermotogales
1651 rpsH a clade comprising Thermotogales and Deinococcus/Thermus
1652 rplE Actinobacteria
1654 rplN Mycoplasma
1767 rpsT Proteobacteria
1773 rpmA Borrelia
1777 infC Leptospira interogans
1832 rpsG1 Thermotogales
1878 rpsI Desulfotalea psychrophila
1919 era2 Thermotogales
1933 rplK Thermotogales
1935 rplA Chloroflexi
1939 rpoB Campylobacter jejuni
1945 rpoC Campylobacter jejuni
2007 rpsB a clade comprising Thermotogales and Cyanobacteria
2032 infB a clade comprising Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes-Chlorobi, Spirochaetes, Chlamydiales
2042 rplI a clade comprising delta-Proteobacteria, Chloroflexi, and Planctomycetes
  1. Results not unambiguously interpretable are not shown.