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Table 1 Sampling locations, pollination syndromes, and pollinators of the studied orchid species

From: Evolution of sexual mimicry in the orchid subtribe orchidinae: the role of preadaptations in the attraction of male bees as pollinators

Species Labellum area (mm2)* Sampling location Pollination syndrome Predominant pollinator**
Orchis italica 64.00 Roccamonfina, I Food deception Female bees
Orchis provincialis 78.75 Cilento, I Food deception Female bees
Orchis mascula 78.00 Cilento, I Food deception Female bees
Orchis quadripunctata 25.50 Cilento, I Food deception Long tongued flies
Orchis (= Aceras) anthropophora 39.06 Cilento, I Food reward Beetles
Serapias lingua 126.50 Cilento, I Sleeping holes Ceratina males
Serapias cordigera 396.00 Cilento, I Sleeping holes Eucera males
Serapias parviflora 47.25 Cilento, I Autogamy none
Ophrys sphegodes 91.00 Roccamonfina, I Sexual deception Andrena males
Anacamptis (= Orchis) papilionacea 148.75 Roccamonfina, I Food deception? Eucera males
Anacamptis (= Orchis) morio 60.00 Vesuvio, I Food deception Female bees
Gymnadenia (= Nigritella) rhellicani 12.00 Ofenpass, CH Food reward Moths
Gymnadenia conopsea 11.88 Münstertal, CH Food reward Butterflies, moths
Gymnadenia odoratissima 10.13 Münstertal, CH Food reward Moths
Dactylorhiza maculata 50.63 Münstertal, CH Food deception Beetles, flies
Himantoglossum hircinum 166.25 Glattfelden, CH Unknown Female bees
Platanthera bifolia 21.94 Glattfelden, CH Food reward Moths
Neotinea (= Orchis) ustulata 16.82 Wallis, CH Food deception? Tachinid flies
Neotinea lactea 40.38 Cilento, I Unknown Unknown
Disa bivalvata n.d. Cape, ZAR Sexual deception Pompilid males
  1. * Calculated from [79], see methods section. ** From [75] and references therein, and [76, 77, 80]