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Table 1 North American Agalinis species including the number of individuals (N) and conservation status of all species included in this study.

From: Phylogenetic patterns and conservation among North American members of the genus Agalinis (Orobanchaceae)

Taxon1 N2 Status3
Section Erectae (n = 13)   
A. acuta 9 G1/S1
A. aphylla 2 G3–G4/S2
A. decemloba 2 NR
A. gattingeri 3 G4/S1
A. obtusifolia 5 G4–G5-Q/S1
A. oligophylla 3 G4/S1
A. skinneriana 3 G3/S1
A. tenella 6 NR
A. viridis 2 G4/S1
A. keyensis NS  
Section Heterophyllae (n = 14)   
A. auriculata 2 G3–G4/S1
A. calycina 1 G1/S1
A. heterophylla 3 G4–G5/S1
A. densiflora NS  
Section Linifoliae (n = 14)   
A. linifolia 2 G4?/S1
Section Purpureae   
   Subsection Pedunculares (n = 13)   
A. edwardsiana 1 G4/S4
A. homalantha 2 G5/S1
A. pulchella 2 G4–G5/S3?
A. strictifolia 2 G4/SNR
A. navasotensis 2 G1/S1
A. peduncularis NS  
A. aspera NS  
   Subsection Purpureae (n = 14)   
A. fasciculata 3 G5/S1
A. harperi 2 G4?/SNR
A. maritima 2 G5/S2
A. paupercula 2 G5/S1
A. purpurea 4 G5/S1
A. tenuifolia 3 G5/S1
A. pinetorum NS  
A. neoscotica NS  
A. virgata NS  
   Subsection Setaceae (n = 14)   
A. laxa 2 G3–G4/S3?
A. plukenettii 2 G3–G5/S1
A. setacea 2 G5?
A. stenophylla NS  
A. filifolia NS  
Section Tenuifolieae (n = 14)   
A. filicaulis 2 G3–G4/S1
A. divaricata 2 G3?/S1
A. nutallii NS  
Outgroup Species   
Aureolaria pectinata 1 G5?
Aureolaria pedicularia 1 G5
Brachystigma wrightii 1 G4
Dasistoma macrophylla 1 G4
  1. 1Chromosome counts represent those known for the section or subsection based on extensive species sampling [43, 45].
  2. 2NS = Not Sampled.
  3. 3Conservation Status: global ranking (G1 = critically imperiled; G2 = imperiled; G3 = vulnerable to extinction or extirpation; G4 = apparently secure; G5 = demonstrably secure or widespread)/highest state ranking for each species (S1–S5 are equivalent to the global scale but applied to within a single state) (USA); when a range or question mark (?) is given the precise conservation status is uncertain.; NR and SNR = not ranked.