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Table 1 List of samples used for DNA sequencing and morphological analysis

From: A DNA and morphology based phylogenetic framework of the ant genus Lasius with hypotheses for the evolution of social parasitism and fungiculture

Species Subgenus Collection locality; collector DDBJ accession numbers Museum voucher no
    cox1 16S rRNA  
Lasius arizonicus Ac. USA: Arizona, Madera Canyon; C.A. Schmidt AB370982 AB371028 MMANT12
L. interjectus Ac. USA: Arizona, West Turkey Creek; C.A. Schmidt AB370981 AB371027 MMANT13
L. latipes Ac. USA: Wisconsin, Milwaukee; J.M. Raczkowski AB433922 AB433927 NMANT120
L. reginae Au. Austria: Trandorf; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB370983 AB371029 MMANT23
L. flavus Ca. Austria: Leiser Berge; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB370984 AB371030 MMANT22
L. flavus Ca. Russia: Ussurisky, Kaimanovka; M. Maruyama AB370985 AB371031 MMANT38
L. flavus Ca. Japan: Gifu-ken, Takayama-shi, M. Maruyama AB370986 AB371032 MMANT45
L. nearcticus Ca. USA: Arizona, Rustler Park; C.A. Schmidt AB370987 AB371033 MMANT14
L. mixtus Ch. Austria: Göpfritz; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB370988 AB371034 MMANT30
L. umbratus Ch. Japan: Tôkyô-to, Koganei-shi; M. Maruyama AB370989 AB371035 MMANT6
L. capitatus D. Japan: Nagano-ken, Matsumoto-shi; T. Komatsu AB370990 AB371036 MMANT44
L. capitatus D. Japan: Gifu-ken, Shôkawa-mura; M. Maruyama AB370993 AB371039 MMANT47
L. capitatus D. Japan: Yamanashi-ken, Kitakoma-gun; M. Maruyama AB370991 AB371037 MMANT58
L. capitatus D. Japan: Tochigi-ken, Haga-gun; S. Nagashima AB370992 AB371038 MMANT62
L. fuji D. Japan: Hokkaidô, Maruseppu-chô; Y. Kida AB370994 AB371040 MMANT1
L. fuji D. Russia: Ussurisky, Kaimanovka; M. Maruyama AB370995 AB371041 MMANT34
L. fuliginosus D. Austria: Urschendorf; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB370996 AB371042 MMANT24
L. fuliginosus D. Austria: Vienna; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB370997 AB371043 MMANT70
L. nipponensis D. Russia: Ussursky, Vityas; M. Maruyama AB371001 AB371047 MMANT33
L. nipponensis D. Japan: Hokkaidô, Sapporo-shi; M. Maruyama AB370998 AB371044 MMANT63
L. nipponensis D. Japan: Nagano-ken, Fujimi-chô; M. Maruyama AB370999 AB371045 MMANT64
L. nipponensis D. China: Hubei, Xianfeng; T. Kishimoto AB371000 AB371046 MMANT67
L. orientalis D. Japan: Hokkaidô, Shari-chô; Y. Kida AB371002 AB371048 MMANT4
L. orientalis D. Japan: Gifu-ken, Kamitakara-mura; M. Maruyama AB371003 AB371049 MMANT60
L. spathepus D. Japan: Shimane-ken, Oki-shotô; T. Shimada AB371006 AB371052 MMANT32
L. spathepus D. Japan: Yamanashi-ken, Nagasaka-chô; M. Maruyama AB371005 AB371051 MMANT74
L. spathepus D. Japan: Kyôto-fu, Kyôto-shi; N. Fujiwara AB371007 AB371053 MMANT77
L. alienus L. Austria: Braunsberg; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M.Steiner AB371008 AB371054 MMANT21
L. austriacus L. Austria: Feldberg; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB371009 AB371055 MMANT27
L. brunneus L. Austria: Rassing; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB371010 AB371056 MMANT25
L. emarginatus L. Austria: Vienna; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB371011 AB371057 MMANT41
L. hayashi L. Japan: Gifu-ken, Kamitakara-mura; M. Maruyama AB371013 AB371059 MMANT46
L. hayashi L. Japan: Chiba-ken, Kimitsu-shi; M. Maruyama AB371012 AB371058 MMANT54
L. japonicus L. Japan: Kagawa-ken, Takamatsu-shi; F. Ito & Y. Ikeshita AB371015 AB371061 MMANT19
L. japonicus L. Russia: Ussurisky, Kaimanovka; M. Maruyama AB371017 AB371063 MMANT37
L. japonicus L. Japan: Chiba-ken, Kimitsu-shi; M. Maruyama AB371014 AB371060 MMANT55
L. japonicus L. Japan: Hokkaidô, Sapporo-shi; T. Toida AB371016 AB371062 MMANT76
L. neglectus L. Hungary: Budapest; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB371018 AB371064 MMANT20
L. niger L. Austria: Vienna; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB371019 AB371065 MMANT26
L. platythorax L. Austria: Moosbrunn; B.C. Schlick-Steiner & F.M. Steiner AB371020 AB371066 MMANT28
L. productus L. Japan: Kagawa-ken, Takamatsu-shi; F. Ito & Y. Ikeshita AB371021 AB371067 MMANT18
L. sakagamii L. Japan: Gifu-ken, Gifu-shi; J. Heinze AB371022 AB371068 MMANT29
L. sakagamii L. Japan: Tôkyô-to, Edogawa-ku; M. Maruyama AB371023 AB371069 MMANT56
L. sp.3 L. Russia: Ussurisky, Kaimanovka; M. Maruyama AB371024 AB371070 MMANT40
L. pallitarsis L pallitarsis USA: Arizona, Apache Ntl Forest; C.A. Schmidt AB371025 AB371071 MMANT15
Myrmecocystus mimicus n.a. USA: California, Carrizo Plain; P.S. Ward AB433923 AB433928 MMANT117
Myrmecocystus mendux n.a. USA: Arizona, Pima Canyon; C.A. Schmidt AB433920 AB433925 MMANT66
Formica japonica n.a. Japan: Tôkyô-to, Shinjuku-ku; M. Maruyama AB371026 AB371072 MMANT7
  1. Voucher specimens have been deposited at the National Science Museum, Tokyo, with the numbers indicated and a reference to this publication (Maruyama et al. 2008/voucher no). Abbreviations of Lasius subgenera are Acanthomyops (Ac), Austrolasius (Au), Cautolasius (Ca), Chthonolasius (Ch), Dendrolasius (D), Lasius sensu stricto (L). Subgenus was not applicable (n.a.) for the outgroup taxa, Myrmecocystus mimicus and M. mendux, and Formica japonica.