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Table 3 List of samples used and GenBank accession numbers for the six loci analysed.

From: Tracing the colonization history of the Indian Ocean scops-owls (Strigiformes: Otus) with further insight into the spatio-temporal origin of the Malagasy avifauna

Species Voucher/Tissue number Geographic Myoglobin TGFB2 Cytochrome-b ND2 ATP6 ND3
Aegolius acadicus MVZ 118707 (T) USA EU601093 EU600970 U89172 EU601051 EU601160 EU601013
Asio otus MVZ 180184 (T) USA EU601097 EU600975 AF082067 EU601055 EU601165 EU601018
Athene noctua MNHN 1995–99 (T) France EU601089 EU600966 AJ003948 No sequence EU601156 EU601009
Bubo bubo MNHN 24–55 (T) France EU601069 EU600949 AJ003969 EU601029 EU601137 EU600992
Bubo virginianus MVZ 179340 (T) USA EU601092 EU600969 AF168106 EU601050 EU601159 EU601012
Glaucidium cuculoides MNHN 33-9C (JF150, B) Laos EU601088 EU600982 No sequence EU601047 EU601155 No sequence
Glaucidium gnoma MVZ 179345 (T) USA EU601094 EU600972 AJ003994 No sequence EU601162 EU601015
Otus asio MVZ 179828 (T) USA EU601096 EU600974 DQ190845 EU601054 EU601164 EU601017
Otus 'bakkamoena' UWBM 67511 (T) Captive EU601074 EU600954 EU601110 EU601034 EU601141 EU600997
Otus capnodes MNHN 30-10J (B) Anjouan EU601078 EU600957 EU601114 EU601038 EU601145 EU601000
Otus hartlaubi MNHH 32-04G (B) São Tomé EU601072 EU600952 EU601108 EU601032 EU601139 EU600995
Otus hoyi ZMUC 114834 (B) Bolivia EU601061 EU600942 EU601103 EU601024 EU601130 EU600985
Otus insularis D. Currie 5H21863 (F) Mahé, Seychelles EU601059 EU600940 EU601101 EU601022 EU601128 EU600983
Otus insularis D. Currie 5H21866 (F) Mahé, Seychelles EU601060 EU600941 EU601102 EU601023 EU601129 EU600984
Otus ireneae MNHN 32-06J (M. Virani C30577) (B) Kenya EU601077 EU600956 EU601113 EU601037 EU601144 EU600999
Otus kenicottii MVZ 182896 (T) USA EU601095 EU600973 DQ190850 EU601053 EU601163 EU601016
Otus koepckei ZMUC 115283 (B) Peru EU601062 EU600943 EU601104 EU601025 EU601131 EU600986
Otus 'lempiji' UWBM 73860 (T) Captive EU601076 EU600981 EU601112 EU601036 EU601143 No sequence
Otus lettia lettia MNHN 33-4C (JF142, B) Laos EU601073 EU600953 EU601109 EU601033 EU601140 EU600996
Otus lettia ussuriensis UWBM 75379 (T) Russia EU601075 EU600955 EU601111 EU601035 EU601142 EU600998
Otus leucotis FMNH 429716 (T) Congo RD EU601085 EU600963 EU601120 EU601044 EU601152 EU601006
Otus longicornis FMNH 433020 (T) Luzon, Philippines EU601084 EU600962 EU601119 EU601043 EU601151 EU601005
Otus longicornis ZMUC 114206 (B) Isabela, Philippines EU601063 No sequence No sequence EU601026 EU601132 EU600987
Otus mayottensis MNHN R22 (F) Mayotte EU601087 EU600965 EU601122 EU601046 EU601154 EU601008
Otus megalotis FMNH 433019 (T) Luzon, Philippines EU601083 EU600961 EU601118 EU601041 EU601150 EU601004
Otus megalotis ZMUC 114208 (B) Isabela, Philippines EU601064 EU600944 EU601105 EU601027 EU601133 EU600988
Otus mirus FMNH 357429 (T) Mindanao, Philippines EU601099 EU600978 EU601126 EU601057 No sequence EU601020
Otus moheliensis MNHN E-135 (F) Mohéli EU601086 EU600964 EU601121 EU601045 EU601153 EU601007
Otus pauliani MNHN R24 (F) Grande Comore EU601100 EU600979 EU601125 EU601058 No sequence EU601021
Otus pembaensis MNHN uncatalogued (B) Pemba Island EU601090 EU600967 EU601123 EU601048 EU601157 EU601010
Otus pembaensis MNHN uncatalogued (B) Pemba Island EU601091 EU600968 EU601124 EU601049 EU601158 EU601011
Otus roboratus ZMUC 114634 (B) Ecuador EU601065 EU600945 EU601106 EU601028 EU601134 No sequence
Otus rutilus FMNH 393149 (T) Madagascar EU601082 EU600960 EF198256 EF198290 EU601149 EU601003
Otus rutilus FMNH 431150/431152 (T) Madagascar EU601068 EU600948 EF198273 EF198307 EU601136 EU600991
Otus rutilus FMNH 396240 (T) Madagascar EU601066 EU600946 EF198270 EF198304 EU601135 EU600989
Otus rutilus FMNH 427395 (T) Madagascar EU601067 EU600947 EF198296 EF198262 No sequence EU600990
Otus scops MNHN 23-5F (T) France EU601079 EU600958 EU601115 EU601039 EU601146 EU601001
Otus senegalenis MVZ uncatalogued (B) South Africa EU601098 EU600976, EU600977 EU601127 EU601053 EU601166 EU601019
Otus spilocephalus MNHN 15–58 (B) China EU601080 EU600980 EU601116 EU601040 EU601147 No sequence
Otus sunia MNHN 6–98 (B) Thailand EU601081 EU600959 EU601117 EU601041 EU601148 EU601002
Strix aluco MNHN CG 1996-114 (T) France EU601070 EU600950 EU601107 EU601030 EU601138 EU600993
Strix woodfordi MNHN 32-01H Kenya EU601071 EU600951 AJ004066 EU601031 No sequence EU600994
Tyto alba MVZ 180644 USA DQ881879 EU600971 AJ004073 EU601052 EU601161 EU601014
  1. B refers to blood, F to feather and T to tissue. Taxonomy follows [22]. Geographic origins of the taxa between quotes are unknown. Acronyms for specimen collections include: FMNH – Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; MNHN – Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris; MVZ, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley; UWBM – University of Washington, Burke Museum, Seattle; ZMUC – Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen.