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Table 8 Human hsp70 genes: Expression modality and location of their proteins

From: hsp70 genes in the human genome: Conservation and differentiation patterns predict a wide array of overlapping and specialized functions

Gene Cell locale Tissue Modality of expression
HSPA8 Cytosol. Translocate to nucleus and nucleoli upon heat shock. Surface of embryonic stem cells Highly expressed in all tisuses Constitutive. Moderately induced by heat shock
HSPA2 Nucleus Mostly in testis, skeletal and heart muscles, esophagous, brain Constitutive
HSPA1A and HSPA1B Cytosol. Nucleus and nucleoli upon heat shock All tissues Strongly induced by heat shock
HSPA1L Mostly cytosol under basal conditions. Nucleus but not nucleoli upon heat shock Spermatides Constitutive. Not induced by heat shock
HSPA6 Cytosol. Nucleus Most tissues Induced by heat shock. No basal expression
HSPA5 Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) All tissue Induced by ER stressors
HSPA9B Mitochondria. ER. Cytosol. Cytosolic vesicles. Membrane surface Many tissues Constitutive
STCH Microsomas All tissues Constitutive
HSPA14 Cytosol. Associated to ribosomes Many tissues (low expression) Undetermined
HSPA4 Cytosolic (?) Most tissues Constitutive. Not induced by heat shock
HSPA4L Cytosol. Nucleus upon heat shock Mostly testis Constitutive. Induced by heat shock in somatic cells but not in germ cells
HSPH1 Cytosol. Nucleus upon heat shock, possibly nucleoli Most tissues Constitutive. Induced by heat shock
HYOU1 ER. Cytosol (isoform 3) Liver, pancreas. Highly expressed in cells with well developed ER Induced by ER stressors
HSPA12A Undetermined yet Brain. Kidney. Muscle Constitutive. Induced by stress
HSPA12B Undetermined yet Skeletal and heart muscles Constitutive. Induced by stress