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Table 3 Human chromosomes with hsp70 genes and hsp70-related pseudogenes

From: hsp70 genes in the human genome: Conservation and differentiation patterns predict a wide array of overlapping and specialized functions

Chra Protein-coding gene Pseudogene
1 HSPA6, HSPA7 P1.1, P1.2
2   P2.1, P2.2, P2.3
3   P3.1, P3.2
5 HSPA9B, HSPA4 P5, F5
6 HSPA1L, HSPA1A, HSPA1B F6.1, F6.2, F6.3, F6.4
7   P7.1, P7.2, F7
8   P8, 8.1, F8.2
9 HSPA5 P9
10 HSPA12A, HSPA14 P10
11 HSPA8, HYOU1  
12   P12.1, P12.2
13 HSPH1 F13
14 HSPA2  
18   F18.1, F18.2
20 HSPA12B  
21 STCH  
X   PX.1, PX.2, PX.3
  1. aChr, chromosome