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Table 3 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) of Chromis multilineata

From: Comparative phylogeography of Atlantic reef fishes indicates both origin and accumulation of diversity in the Caribbean

Source of variation Sum of Squares Percentage of variation Variance components
Between groups 239.036 56.65 3.575
Within groups 53.533 3.32 0.212
Within populations 439.042 39.99 2.523
Fixation Indices    P-value
FCT 0.566   0.013
FSC 0.077   < 0.001
FST 0.600   < 0.001
  1. Two groups were defined, western Atlantic, comprising the combination of the Brazilian, Caribbean and central Atlantic island populations, and eastern Atlantic, composed of Cape Verde and Sao Tome. Fixation indices are FCT: genetic variation between regions; FSC: genetic variation among populations within regions; and FST: genetic variation among all populations. Significance (P) is the probability of finding a variance component and F-statistic that are greater than or equal to the observed values and was tested using a non-parametric approach (Excoffier et al. 1992), with at least 3,000 permutations of the dataset.