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Table 1 Reproductive mode of Bryobia and Petrobia species.

From: Origins of asexuality in Bryobiamites (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Species Reproductive mode Method Males present N
B. berlesei A culture No  
B. kissophila A culture No  
B. praetiosa A culture No  
B. rubrioculus A culture No  
B. sarothamni S culture No  
B. spec. I A culture No  
B. spec. II A field No 31
B. spec. III A field No 16
B. spec. IV S field Yes 12
B. spec. V A culture No  
B. spec. VI A field No 31
B. spec. VII A field No 14
P. harti S field Yes 58
P. tunisea S field Yes 94
P. spec. I A/S* field No 4
P. spec. II A culture No  
  1. A = asexual, S = sexual. Reproductive mode was assessed by determining the presence of males directly in field samples only (field), or in combination with laboratory cultures initiated with field samples (culture). N indicates the total number of individuals investigated (in cases where males were counted from field samples only). * = mode of reproduction is uncertain because of the small sample size.