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Table 1 Chloroplast genotypes in hybrids and parental species of Sonneratia, Bruguiera, Ligularia and Rhizophora

From: Testing a hypothesis of unidirectional hybridization in plants: Observations on Sonneratia, Bruguiera and Ligularia

Genera (chloroplast markes used) Hybrids (Number of individuals sampled) Parental species (Number of individuals sampled) Hybrid genotypes Source
Sonneratia (trnL/F) S. × gulngai (12) Sa (15) and Sc (12) Same as Sa This study
  S. × hainanensis (6) Sa (15) and So (10) Same as Sa  
Bruguiera (trnS-trnG/psbB-psbF) B. × rhynchopetala (34) Bg (20) and Bs (20) Same as Bg (5)
Same as Bs (29)
This study
Ligularia (trnL/F) L. paradoxa × duciformis (16) Lp (20) and Ld (20) Same as Lp This study
Rhizophora (trnS-trnG/trnH-rpl2) R. × annamalayana (3) Rm (3) and Ra (3) Same as Rm Lo et al. 2003 [26]
  R. × lamarkii (7) Rs (7) and Ra (5) Same as Rs  
  1. Sa, Sonneratia alba; Sc, S. caseolaris; So, S. ovata; Bg, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza; Bs, B. sexangula; Lp, Ligularia paradoxa; Ld, L. duciformis; Rm, Rhizophora mucronata; Ra, R. apiculata; Rs, R. stylosa.