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Table 5 Admixture proportions

From: Reproductive isolation, evolutionary distinctiveness and setting conservation priorities: The case of European lake whitefish and the endangered North Sea houting (Coregonusspp.)

Admixed sample   Baseline samples
VAR94 0.833 (s.d. 0.082) 0.205 (s.d.0.155) -0.041 (s.d. 0.098)
VAR04 0.501 (s.d. 0.057) 0.412 (s.d. 0.084) 0.088 (s.d. 0.059)
  1. Admixture proportions in samples of putative NSH from VAR, taken in 1994 and 2004. Baseline samples consisted of NSH from VID and ELW from RIN and KIL. The analyses were conducted using the method and software ADMIX 2.0 [54].