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Table 2 Accession numbers of genes surrounding Mel1c/GPR50. For clarity, the names of proteins used as an entry were based on the protein identification found in chicken.

From: GPR50 is the mammalian ortholog of Mel1c: Evidence of rapid evolution in mammals

Protein bHLHPAS 2610030 H06RIK Mel1c HMG2A CD99 antigen like 2 Myotubularin related protein
Gallus gallus XM_420353.2 NM_001031127.1 NM_205361.1 XM_001235453.1 XM_420355.2 XM_420356.2
Monodelphis domestica NW_001587046.1 XM_001376698.1 XM_001376686.1 XM_001364501.1 NW_001587046.11 NW_001587046.1
Canis familiaris XM_549336.2 XM_538195.2 XM_549333.2 XM_538194.2 N/A XM_850116.1
Mus musculus N/A NM_001081356.1 NM_010340.1 NM_008253.3 NM_138309.2 NM_016985.2
Pan troglodytes XR_022949.1 XM_001136167.1 XM_001136005.1 XM_001135755.1 XM_521305.2 XM_521404.2
Homo sapiens NM_173493.1 NM_001017980.1 NM_004224.1 NM_005342.2 NM_134446.2 NM_003828.2
Bos Taurus XM_00125953.1 XM_864689.2 XM_608528.3 NM_001076285.1 XM_614787.3 XM_864632.2